Fire Policy
Map Reference: SK 195698
Reduce the risk of being injured in the event of a fire
1: Plan your escape route at the beginning of your holiday, taking particular consideration of the eldery. Make sure that everyone knows the plan
2: Make sure you know where the fire extinguisher and fire blankets are
3: Call the fire brigade - DIAL 999
In the event of a fire
1: Exit the building through the front door. If it is blocked by the fire, then use the back door leading out into the yard
2: Once a safe distance away from the risk, call the fire brigade - DIAL 999
Extra Information
There is a fire blanket and fire extinguisher on the wall in the kitchen
Keep all inflammable materials away from the cooker and heaters
Do not use candles in the bedroom
There are two fire alarms: one on the wall on the landing, and one between the living area and kitchen
The Coalbrookdale stove in the fireplace gets extremely hot - avoid putting anything that would cause a fire risk, such as clothing, on top of, or near the stove. Wet clothes can be dried on the drying rack in the kithcen, or in the room next to the living area
Chemicals and deangerous materials must not be brought into the cottage

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